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Servite High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school for boys located in Anaheim, California.

Offering world class academic, extracurricular, and formation programs, we make a better world by forming the next generation of leaders.



Servite is more than a school – it’s a place where young men are shaped into faith-filled, intellectual, confident leaders with knowledge, wisdom, and character for success in college and life. We develop what is innate inside them, reinforce values taught at home, and help each student become the man God has called him to be. 




One of the most important aspects of choosing a high school is knowing you will be welcomed and included for who you are and part of something larger than yourself. The Servite brotherhood is a tangible, intentional, and unique quality that sets us apart from any other school. Together in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the theater, students are united by a special bond of brotherhood that will last forever. 


Academic Excellence

Our comprehensive academic program features a college preparatory curriculum designed specifically to improve educational results for the Servite student. As specialists in boys’ education, faculty use teaching strategies that address learning styles specific to boys. Outcomes-focused learning methods, qualified and dedicated faculty and counseling staff, and rigorous honors and advanced placement offerings consistently result in superior standardized test scores and graduates accepted at the most reputable colleges in the country every year. LEARN MORE

The All-Boys Advantage

Servite is the ideal learning environment to ensure male students live up to their potential in every way. We educate boys in light of their spatial, visual, active learning style and natural affinity for subjects like abstract mathematics and science. Boys often learn best through activity with material  presented in small portions. Thus, a typical coed classroom that favors verbal and auditory learning can put an active boy at a disadvantage. Servite’s schedule, class times, and teaching plans allow students to stay active. By stressing the importance of subjects like literature, languages, history, art, music, film, drama, and the visual arts, Servite assists students in finding their innate creativity and imagination, while developing their communication skills and building upon strengths and interests.

Unique Formation

Servite is set apart by a comprehensive and highly successful formation program that shape students into faith-filled and respectful men with wisdom and character for success in college and life. Formation is not just a program, but a culture and focus that is prominent in everything we do including the formal formation programs, athletics, academics, arts, campus ministry, theology, Catholic and christ-centered identity, and everything else. 

You don’t go to Servite – you become Servite. We build
 on the student’s unique giftedness and calling resulting in powerful transformation from freshman year to graduation and beyond. 


Servite competes in thirteen CIF sports in the Trinity League, which is among the toughest and most prestigious competition in the nation. Every student has the opportunity to participate through multiple non-cut sports and team levels such as freshman, junior varsity, varsity, and two club sports. Over 85% of students participate and most play multiple sports.

Skilled coaches develop students as confident men and well-rounded scholar-athletes. They are further supported by experienced strength and conditioning coaching, certified athletic trainers, a new sports medicine facility, top-notch team doctors, outstanding facilities, and much more.

Arts & Extracurriculars

The Servite experience doesn’t end when the bell rings. Many of the greatest memories and accomplishments take place in arts, clubs, and expansive co-curricular programs. Students pursue interests while building relationships, developing skills, and becoming well-rounded young men. Our co ed Tri-School Theatre presents two main-stage shows each year in our on-campus 1,000-seat state of the art theater.  We offer a highly-regarded conservatory program along with Comedy Sports and technical theatre – all in conjunction with our two sister schools. There are more than 50 additional clubs including community service organizations, choir, music, performance ensembles, band, visual arts, academic societies, languages, and award-winning robotics team, allowing our young men take advantage of many opportunities to stay involved and deeply explore their interests. 

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Take the next step.